Missing! Reward Offered.


One Mojo.

Star-shaped with distinctive orange stripes and a sparkly exterior.

Answers to theme tune of Miss Marple and Eye of the Tiger. Also ‘Marvin‘.

Marvin is small but fast. As well as being affectionate, he is needed for blogging, writing, marriage/friendship maintenance,  basic and advanced conversation, smiling, bin emptying and smiling whilst bin emptying.

Last seen in November, (with unconfirmed sightings over the Christmas period).

Caution:  May attempt to dispense purple jelly beans and will hug if approached.

Reward offered for safe return: (2 cats, half a cheese roll and undying gratitude).

Contact: Glemma at PO Box: 999-999, with any advice on regaining your lost spark.




7 thoughts on “Missing! Reward Offered.

  1. Here are mine: LOST –

    Motivation – hasn’t been seen for a while. Quick and full of energy – will probably run past you into the distance in a flash.

    Sanity – looks like anyone else, calm and friendly and is the one to make all the sensible/rational decisions.

    Things are always hard when you lose even one of all those things. They always re-appear, even if they only make a brief appearance from time to time. The less you see it the more you appreciate it when it turns up, but the more you miss it when it goes.

    Have you tried looking under the sofa and behind the wardrobes? Touch of make up and nice outfit and then everything becomes possible!

  2. Sadly, no advice (unless consuming the purple jelly beans works?) – but prayers and giggles (Marvin dispenses jellybeans? I love him already…)

  3. Hilarious! Emma, your writing is delightful. Winter is never good for one’s mojo. I’m sure Marvin will come bouncing back out with the sun (or whatever it is we get here) :-)

  4. Yo.

    Just sitting on my Harley, fixin my hair and spitting hobnobs crumbs at the wind. Result.


    ps: hug, anyone?

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