Not That Sort Of Girl

riskyThere’s a lot of things in life I just don’t do.

Things that make me uncomfortable. That challenge my routines. Actions that contradict the image I have of myself: both positive and negative. ‘I’m too weak to do x’. ‘I’m too busy for y’. ‘I’m not the sort of person who does…’

But sometimes it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I think I’m weak – and I become weak.  I get nervous – but instead of talking to my fears I let them scare me into submission.

Situations I ‘just can’t handle’.

People and things I ‘can’t be dealing with’.

Can’t? – Or won’t?

Here’s the thing: I don’t want to take risks.  I want to protect myself. But that makes me god.  And I’m not sure Jesus gives me this option.


“On the far side of every risk—even if it results in death—the love of God triumphs. This is the faith that frees us to risk for the cause of God. It is not heroism, or lust for adventure, or courageous self-reliance, or efforts to earn God’s favor. It is childlike faith in the triumph of God’s love—that on the other side of all our risks, for the sake of righteousness, God will still be holding us. We will be eternally satisfied in him. Nothing will have been wasted.”

(John Piper, ‘Risk is Right’).


2 thoughts on “Not That Sort Of Girl

  1. Emma you have really challenged me with this post, thank you for that because it is always good to be challenged in the way we look at and live our lives. Next time I’m faced with one of those challenges whether x or y I will try to remember this post and your wise words, and that I need to sacrifice my self so that I can be victorious in Him and live to my full potential.

  2. Thanks Daphne. I’m praying that I’ll take my own advice…and that when challenged, I’ll respond not in my own strength but His and with the knowledge that His grace gives me courage to take risks. But as you put it – this is about living to our full potential!

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