liesIf I knew you were coming, I’d have baked a cake

I love surprises

This old thing? I threw it on

What a beautiful baby

No, no I love dogs

I don’t mean to be rude, but..

New? Honey I’ve had this dress for AGES

It’s been far too long

You haven’t changed a bit

I cooked it myself

You can hardly notice it


I don’t want a Valentine’s card.

It’s meant to look like that

Of course I don’t mind

It’s the thought that counts

I want your honest opinion

It was in the sales

Some day we’ll laugh about this

I’ll be ready in five minutes

Sorry mum, you’re breaking up




7 thoughts on “Lies

  1. Only 3 not used by me – I hardly ever bake cakes, so couldn’t pull off the first one, I really DO love surprises and I live thousands of miles away from my mum, so she hardly ever calls – you can’t break up in an email and it’s too obvious on skype! I make up for it with the overused beautiful baby one though – there are some really wrinkly disproportioned ones out there! ;-D

  2. Used them all except beautiful baby one as I’m afraid I think all babies are beautiful……honestly!!!

  3. I agree Joey – but it’s the lie that’s all about potential.. after all, if you did see a really ugly baby, would you feel able to say so? I think no..

  4. Louise you’re a better person than I will ever be. I’ve rung my own doorbell to get off skype…

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