Life’s Short

pants2Too short to:

  • make small-talk with folks you don’t like
  • run on a treadmill that takes you nowhere
  • obsess about your curvy bits or bony bits or ET toes
  • settle for a friendship/marriage where you don’t disturb each other
  • pretend you’re okay when you’re really not
  • pretend other people are okay when they’re really not
  • get embarrassed about how  you worship.   If you want to put your hands in the air, do it. People will cope.
  • worry about sell-by dates.  Cheese is a fungus, so cut the mould off and nom.
  • read boring books.  Give them to someone you dislike instead of making small talk.
  • find out who your parents really are.  (joking).  You should at least try. They might not tell you.  they might run screaming from the kitchen. But you gave it a go.
  • keep clothes that are too small.  Chuck ’em and move on.
  • remove your usb safely
  • dry-clean
  • cook meals with more than two ingredients.  Cheese and rice.  Nutella and toast.  Peanut butter and banana. Pretty much all the main food groups covered
  • fold your pants

what else?

11 thoughts on “Life’s Short

  1. Tidy the toys up any further than chucking them all in a plastic basket or two.
    Iron anything that isn’t for an important meeting/wedding.
    Make your own jam. Just buy the stuff!
    Organise your photos. Struggling with this one – I just need to take it off the to do list, don’t I?! Right? Nope, it’s still on there.
    Put the doctor’s visit off – get it over and done with!

    Thanks, by the way. I had post natal depression and your site was like a friend in the wilderness. But yes, I did eventually get to the doctor’s, once I realised, and sorted it out. Phew. Life’s too short – should have done it earlier and saved all the angst!

  2. “Read boring books. Give them to someone you dislike instead of making small talk.” Love it – but slightly worried now when I think of all the books I’ve been given by people over the years. Were they trying to tell me something??? ;-)

  3. Oh now i love reading your posts Emma!
    Life is way too short to eat cheap yoghurt – if it tastes nasty just don’t eat it!
    Life is also too short to hold onto grudges, give it all to God and move on with your life!

  4. Life’s too short to:
    Keep it to yourself. -Share it with others, that way it seems longer and fuller.
    Wait till you’re all cleaned up to come to God. -Eternity won’t be long enough to attain perfection, give up and receive the righteousness of Christ.

  5. …for cheap ham
    …for books or films featuring elves
    …for selling on eBay when there are charity shops
    …making the bed
    …standing still on an escalator
    …for people who I’d much rather kick in the eye

  6. Love these. Favourites:

    – putting off the doctors. (Well done Jo: and thanks for sharing this)

    – cheap ham and cheap yoghurt
    – tidying
    – staying angry
    – cleaning myself up

    Fiona: Were the books boring? If they were good, being given them is actually the ultimate compliment. (And anyway, one man’s boring is another man’s riveting)..

  7. Yeah – the chances are that if you didn’t enjoy it, people you dislike probably will enjoy it.

    Life’s too short:
    – to get your hair cut more than once a year
    – to go to bed before 11pm
    – to groom your own dog. A lesson sadly learned. See Instagram feed for horrendous proof of this “Life’s too short”. Just because there’s a will doesn’t mean there’s a way.

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