Life Together

thanks2Yesterday I was in a little pool of sadness. Everything looked black and flat and squashedup.

Today my circumstances are the same, but the colour’s come back.

Thank God for community.

Thank God for church.


Strangers who reach out when they’re in the furnace themselves.

Friends who hope for you and pray for you and point you again to Jesus.

A community of brokenness,  gathered around a Saviour of strength.

More than answers, we need each other.







10 thoughts on “Life Together

  1. Emma,

    Thanks for all those times you’ve been that person us, too. Community – gotta be one of God’s greatest inventions. Chocolate too.


  2. my prayer for you both as i drove to work this morning was for a deep sense of Hope DESPITE the sadness- x

  3. the family of God is amazing isnt it? i have found that out alot lately. much love katherine taylor xx

  4. In a small group recently, someone asked everyone what Jesus had transformed in our lives. Not quite wanting to share my guts all over the place, I said: “Jesus has given me a new family”. So true
    Someone else reminded me yesterday that we do trust in a God who can give us peace… I’m just really not sure why I at least keep on forgetting that. Just totally brings me back to an “Oh, yeah” moment. Hmm.
    But praying lots for you, that you might know God’s peace throughout…

  5. What a blessing to meet you today,Emma and to hear half your talk.!You are in my heart and most of all,His heart.Amazing grace how sweet the sound…thank so much for sharing your heart.Bless you both hugely.x

  6. Hi Emma :) Was great to listen to your story on Wednesday – even though your accent has totally thrown me – going to have to change the voice in my head whilst reading your posts now! Such a tough time, can’t begin to imagine what it’s like for you guys – but I’m really glad the colour is coming back and that you obviously have a great community around you!

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