Things The World Needs More Of

coldbutterI’m torn today between writing an honest post (on IVF and Going Mad) and a frothier one that will not make me cry or load up on comfort carbs.

Guess which won?

So – things my world needs more of :

1. celebrities telling me how they shifted their baby weight

2. fliers for pizza houses

3. Madonna albums

4. marriage advice from Gwyneth Paltrow

5. extra blades on razors (mind you… see point 4)

6. invitations for LinkedIn

7. cookery/home improvement programmes

8. season 29 of any box set.  I don’t care if they’re Lost.

9. hair products

10. cottage cheese

11. personal injury lawyers

12. midriff-exposing fashion

13. self-service checkouts

14. hallmark days

15. kardashians

16. lists

7 thoughts on “Things The World Needs More Of

  1. on point 8 – you and Glen can’t have seen Mad Men, that would remove that point from the list. Although it would inspire you to write a blog post about Don Draper/Jon Hamm!

  2. I hear you Edmund but we’re still working through the implications of my forbidden love for Vader. Adding Jon Hamm to the mix is asking for trouble …

  3. Can’t believe you left out pay day lenders and PPI claims companies!!!

  4. How about trying Vegemite & Avocardo on your toast instead of cold butter (per your photo).B.

  5. Your Vader postings came to mind today when I discovered the Chad Vader adventures on You Tube. The language is a tad raw, but it’s interesting to ask, so just how would Vader do as, in this case, a supermarket supervisor? The voice of Vader in these is also pretty good too.

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