A New Name

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  1. Howard
    Aug 22 - 7:58 pm

    Spot on, Emma. Atheism, when properly understood, is an empty set – it truly has nothing to say about who and what we are based upon the fallacy that evolution explains everything, but there’s fatal flaw – the reason (as Dawkins puts it) that everything looks as if it were designed is because we are now discovering it IS designed (i.e. recent discovery of binary code in super symmetry) – there is a mind behind it all, which is what Sir Fred Hoyle said, scientifically, was the only real explanation several decades ago, so once we admit that, then we have to ask how we find the face of this creator, and history shows us, at the predicted time, He walked among us and revealed that love is at the very core of all things – that, I suspect, is what really scares some folk – the universe is not purposeless – there is a goal.

  2. Howard
    Aug 22 - 8:00 pm

    Opps! – Should have said spot on Glen!

  3. Caroline
    Aug 23 - 9:17 am

    Wow! This is sure is a tempting world view: nothing matters, nothing lasts, nothing is worthwhile…

    Like the book of Ecclesiastes without that nice bit at the end.

    Perhaps I’m just not affluent enough to have faith in nothing, but I’m betting on God.

    If I’m wrong I’ll hardly care, now will I?

    If I’m right …it sure is going to suck for Mr.Krauss & co.

  4. Meridith
    Jul 29 - 3:19 am

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