Last Night

ripplesAt 8.30 this morning, the hospital phoned.

Our embryo died last night.

We don’t know how to feel. This has helped.

Thank you for your love and prayers.



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  1. :( my thoughts and prayers are with you both. try to take some time to do something good for yourselves. i know that will be hard *sends e-hugs*

  2. So very sad and sorry to hear this news, Emma. Nothing I can say except you don’t mourn alone and so many hearts are aching for you, with you and I’m certain many tears shed on your behalf. Maybe some times this will comfort you. God bless you both.

  3. “Your eyes saw my unformed body;  all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”

    Every single hour of that precious life was planned and treasured, by our loving Father. And He is trustworthy.. for your life and for your child’s too. He will meet you in your sorrow, for He is the king of sorrows, and knows the pain of your loss.

  4. Oh, Emma. So heavy of heart. Praise God that your little one is “Safe in the arms of Jesus, safe on His gentle breast, There by His love o’ershaded, sweetly the soul shall rest… Safe in the arms of Jesus, safe from corroding care, Safe from the world’s temptations, sin cannot harm them there. Free from the blight of sorrow, free from doubts and fears;” and for you, “Only a few more trials, only a few more tears!” But, I know those tears are so sore. Praying. X

  5. Dear Emma and Glen

    When we lost our baby, this song really helped:

    There is a hope that lifts my weary head,
    A consolation strong against despair,
    That when the world has plunged me in its deepest pit,
    I find the Saviour there!
    Through present sufferings, future’s fear,
    He whispers ‘courage’ in my ear.
    For I am safe in everlasting arms,
    And they will lead me home

    It feels like a deep dark pit…but he will give you courage.

    Lots of love

    R x

  6. so sorry to hear of your loss and hope that the words of Footprints help at this time and that you feel you are being held and carried XX

  7. We love you guys. We feel for you, in the pain you are in.
    We are here. We are praying.

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