Help Needed

cantI don’t believe in resolutions.  I’ve worked really hard at self-improvement and it made me proud and unhappy and worse than when I started.

But I do believe in prayer.  And here’s some things I’m praying God will help me do:

be a beginner

be still

do (some) things I ‘just don’t do’

act (sometimes) like I’m not me

ask for help

make mistakes without condemning myself

make mistakes without excusing myself

try for a bit longer on things that are difficult

accept a bit more chaos

take time before replying to phone calls, emails etc.

break things down into bite-sized bits.  Then have a go.

apologise more

move on

3 thoughts on “Help Needed

  1. Try allowing one word to choose you for the year. My word for next year is ‘inbetween’, because it is in the spaces that The Holy Spirit acts. I shall explore the spaces between during next year. Much more exciting than resolutions i always break…

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