New Year (One Day At A Time)

photoHappy New Year one and all!

It was fancy dress, ok.

Here’s the most read posts from 2013:

Happy Clappy? Are evangelicals more prone to depression? Two reasons why no, two reasons why yes.

Why I Go To Church (But not the gym) 40 reasons why I love local church

Hard Day News of our second failed round of a modified (and very complicated) IVF.

Last Night News of the death of our triploidy child.

Depression and Christmas How to face the festive season when it doesn’t feel like ‘the most wonderful time of the year)

Addicted to Porn: Guest Post “C” writes about how it has affected him and his marriage

Coping with Infertility Ten things that help

What Were We Thinking? Reflections on ten years of marriage

When Jesus Isn’t Enough A letter to someone who asks ‘What if Christianity just hasn’t been the solution?’

Brief Encounter I walked into the cafe to find another woman propositioning my husband. God used the encounter in an amazing way.

3 thoughts on “New Year (One Day At A Time)

  1. Thanks so much for all your posts this year – your blog has been a great source of hope for me during a difficult 2013. So much so that I’ve decided to start mine back up again.
    Here’s to more hope in 2014!!

    Emma xx

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