Year: 2014

Happy New Year!

Hello folks, Thanks so much for reading this year – and for your prayers, wisdom

What Gives Me The Fear

1. giving birth and having responsibility for/screwing up another human being. 2. depression. 3. letting people

Bloody Nativity

This time 2000-odd years ago, where were Mary and Joseph? Nesting, I’m sure. Clearing a space

Boxed In

One of the things I like most about Christmas, is boxes.  Lots of boxes.  What’s

Grace and Failure

I think in grids.  Lists.  Deadlines.  Monochromes. Good – or bad.  Worthwhile – or useless.

Wobbly Faith

In yesterday’s post I wrote a letter to shame.  And the responses reflect my own

Dear Shame

Dear Shame It’s me, Emma. You’ve been telling me who I am for a long