Bad Advice

bad adviceGlen and I are arguing thinking about whether or not you should go to bed on an argument.  He’s giving me some Ephesians chat about sunshine and anger but I dunno. You’re arguing and you’re tired. No point making a hasty truce when you’re not thinking straight – right? Much better to get some kip so you can go at it properly in the morning.

Ok, maybe go with the Bible on this one. But seems to me like there’s twaddle out there masquerading as good advice.  I give you;

Date night.

In theory, a great idea. But wait – didn’t you get married so you could STOP going on dates?  By all means spend quality time together.  But don’t call it a date.

Keep calm and carry on

Good in some situations.  But not all. A robbery for example.  Or when swimming towards a shark.

Just tell him/her how you feel

Sharing doesn’t always make things better.  Sometimes it just makes them awkward.

Trust the folks around you to do a good job

Trust them to do their best. Hope they actually show up. Not the same.

Follow your heart.

As Hollywood demonstrates, this sort of advice makes you marry a vampire or a prostitute you’ve known for seven days.

Face your fears.

What if you’re scared of falling out of aeroplanes with no parachutes?

Do what you love

I love sleeping.  But sometimes I need to get up.

Just be yourself

Unless being yourself is a low-functioning sociopath. Or a high-functioning psychopath. “Reach for the stars Genghis, be all you can be.”

Think big

Thinking Big is what makes 2014 terrifying instead of a collection of do-able days.  Thinking Big can lead to crazy expectations, burnout and inevitable failure. There are times when it’s good to think big-er.  But ‘Big’ in the abstract is bonkers.

What have I missed?

5 thoughts on “Bad Advice

  1. I love this…
    “Face your fears.

    What if you’re scared of falling out of aeroplanes with no parachutes?”

  2. hilarious. And poignant, especially the point about trusting the people around you to do their best rather than assuming they will fix everything.

  3. Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves… only if you take care of them a hundred times!
    To assume makes an ass of u and me… well, actually, people usually assume something for well-considered reasons. I assume my husband will want food tomorrow…

  4. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

    This advice is so bad it just about leaves me speechless.

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