Going Live

alan partridgeThis Sunday eve I’ll be talking to the folks at Premier Radio.

It’s going to be live, so I would really, really appreciate your prayers.

There’s a phone-in (see below) if you have questions.

(Example: ‘Emma, I’ve just read your amazing book and it Changed My Life.  Is it true that you can get for the bargain price of  X at bookstore Y? What a Billy Bargain.’


‘Who’s your favourite Cluedo character?’ )

If not, then I guess you can ask me something about EDs and I’ll give it a shot.

Sunday 2nd March from 5pm-7pm on Premier Gospel 
Listen to Premier Gospel on London DAB Radio or online worldwide at www.premiergospel.org.uk
Twitter: @premiergospel
Text questions and comments to: 66777 (first word GOSPEL + your message)
Phone: 0207 3160101

I’d love your wisdom on how to help those with EDs (including yourself). What have you found useful?  What made you want to fold yourself up into a tiny samosa? Answers on a blogcard…

I’m not scared yet, because I’m in denial. But come Sunday, I will be wetting myself.  So if you’ve got any spare, then please pray.  (And, if you want to be interviewed and can do a decent Belfast accent, we need to talk)


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