Ways To Say I Love You (Without Buying A Card)

heartRight.  Valentine’s.  We’re going to look at it very briefly and then never speak of it again. Think of it as pre-emptive strike: it’s too dangerous to wait till Friday.

Love is not a matching set of bra and knickers or a plastic rose.  Nor is it the exclusive preserve of hot young lovers. It’s emptying the bins as much as a violins. And there are 364 other days in which to show it.

So.  Here’s some ways to tell the folks you love that you love them.  And not a helium balloon in sight:

put a note in their lunch box

babysit for free

switch off your computer and listen

ask their opinion on something important and (sometimes) follow it

give them the last (and most perfect) bit of your sandwich

find out their favourite drink and make it for them the way they like

laugh at their jokes

check out that thing they were telling you about

buy them your favourite book and write a note in it

remember what you talked about last time you met and ask for an update

don’t steal their chips

tell them something they were right about

let them pick the film and (pretend) to like it

introduce them to people who matter to you and be proud

don’t rush them when they’re getting ready

tell their boss what a great job they do/leave a big tip

ask God to help you see them like He does

listen to their embarrassing stories (even the ones you’ve heard before)

notice when they change their appearance (and be gentle)

be honest, even if it makes you uncomfortable

encourage them to try something they want to do but are scared of

put the toilet seat lid down (or leave it up).







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