A New Name

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  1. Laura
    Apr 28 - 1:12 pm

    I appreciate that I may be about to show myself as really stupid but I’m prepared to take that risk because I have to thank you publicly for this post. I have never heard Jesus’ death and resurrection explained in this way and it makes such a difference. It really is good news! I have read this over and over and still can’t quite put into words what the missing piece in my thinking had always been but I know that this is different, it offers freedom. Much thinking to be done but Emma, thank you. x

  2. Emma
    Apr 28 - 5:34 pm

    Laura: thanks so much for commenting:-)
    i think that’s one reason why the gospel is so powerful: it’s simple and yet we never get to the bottom of it. But the Spirit lights it up for us so that pieces gradually fall into place: even familiar truths become new and we’re struck afresh by how good this news is.

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