Pray for Meriam

meriamMeriam Yahia Ibrahim is a sister in Christ who’s just given birth. When she’s well enough, the Sudanese government plan to whip her with 100 lashes. Then, once the baby is weaned, they want to kill her. Why? Because she’s a Christian and she refuses to renounce Jesus.

If you haven’t already, please follow the links from this page and put pressure on the Sudanese Government to release Meriam.

And whether you’ve done that or not, there’s something even more powerful you can do. Pray!

Christian Solidarity Worldwide give some helpful prayer points:

• That the death sentence would be annulled, and that Meriam and her children would be released from prison;

• For protection for Meriam and her two children while they are in prison;

• That Meriam and her children would be allowed to receive visits from Daniel, her husband;

• That God would continue to give wisdom, courage and strength to Meriam at this wearing time;

• For peace, comfort and strength for Meriam’s husband Daniel, who has been separated from his wife and children;

• For wisdom for Meriam’s lawyers and that God would guide them as they work on her behalf;

• That the truth about Meriam’s religious background would be accepted by the courts, and they would have compassion.

• Pray that international outcry on Meriam’s behalf would help secure her release;

• Pray that the appeal against death sentence lodged on 22 May would be successful;

• Pray for wisdom for Meriam’s lawyers during the appeal process.


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