Thankful for

red beansredjellybeans and chicken soup (but not together)

the cat rolling on the carpet

the Bible, parachuting me out of early morning gloom

a cup of tea, white with two sugars

praying friends and texts when I’m feeling bleugh

books! It’s raining outside but I’m splattered in tomatoes at a carnival in Florence

the endless patience of Jesus.  I forget Him and ignore Him and run from Him and pour out my heart to Him and still He loves ME! Amazing

connections with strangers: conversations at the check-out or in the bus queue

my parents: an endless source of entertainment

bubblewrap and special edition postman pat stamps

church family: like a rock, reminding me who I am and where I belong

the gospel: truth even when nothing else makes sense

the roar of a church filled with heart-felt singing

old photos of friends from school

never having to do another quadratic equation as long as I live

today.  Thankful for today.





10 thoughts on “Thankful for

  1. Amen.

    I find Ephesians 5:3 really challenging. Be thankful as a antidote to sin!

    Have you ever read Ann Voskamp Thousand Gifts 1000 Gifts? It’s beautiful.

  2. Spending quality time with someone over a coffee. Even better when the coffee is made really well :-)

  3. family members. listening to my little boy pray. a difficult day filled with much grace and love. my hubbie. hugs.

  4. A friend to talk to and cry with in the early hours of the morning, and the technology which enables us to do that across an ocean.

    Live music with small artists who encourage and build up, reminding us to keep fighting.

    Stationery with which I can put my efforts into my frustrating & difficult education which in itself is a blessing beyond my comprehension.

    Youth leaders who cuddle and support with inhuman patience.

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