Brave Is

scaredycatasking for help when you really don’t want to

being still when you’re used to being busy

gently challenging someone who lashes out, but refusing to back down

prayerfully putting your loved ones in God’s hands, instead of carrying them anxiously

telling a friend how much they mean to you

talking about Jesus and not just God

saying no to some things so you can say a proper yes to others

asking a stranger for coffee/getting to know someone new

standing by someone who keeps letting you down

keeping going though it’s hard and you’ve not been able to do it in the past

choosing to hope instead of despair

trying instead of playing it safe

doing things differently

(sometimes) staying silent when you want to speak up and speaking up when you want to stay silent

being vulnerable first

admitting you don’t have the answers

not doing it just because everyone else is

believing what you can’t see, more than what you can

feeling scared and still doing it

looking weak when the world affects bravado


3 thoughts on “Brave Is

  1. Yes.
    Brave is choosing to put one foot in front of the other, even if you think that’s all you can muster.
    Brave is inching your hand one centimeter in the direction of Jesus.

    He does the rest.

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