Living Unhappily

i want more1. Compare yourself to everyone else, but make sure you do it upwards.  Not the 98% of the population who are poorer than you, obviously. The folks that have MORE.  Their kids are nicer.  Their house is bigger. Meditate on these differences and remind yourself that ‘you deserve more’. Talk about it to others too and think about how you can get what they have.

2. Focus on your body. This is the way to change your life: or, if you can’t/won’t, this is the reason why everything is wrong. If you are beautiful, you will be happy. If your legs are thinner, you’ll be popular and people will want to be you.  If you work out, other guys will respect you.  Most of all, you’ll have something you can rely upon, (at least until you get older. Or sick.  Or bump into someone better looking).

3. Look after number one.  Life’s too short to waste time on stuff you don’t feel like doing, or people you don’t have a connection with. Make sure people see you succeeding and tell them in case they miss it.

4. Keep it together and keep it in.  You don’t want to be bothered with other people’s problems and they don’t want to know about yours. Surround yourself with success and don’t admit to vulnerability.

5. Keep a record of the ways that people have hurt or slighted you.  Tell them and tell their friends.  Seek opportunities to get your own back and keep a healthy interest in their personal affairs so you can share their failures with others.

6. Point out ways that those around you can improve – and how they can be more like you

7. Talk about the things in your life you’d like God to change; but don’t talk to Him.

8. If things in your relationships are difficult, get out. The grass is greener and you’re too young to waste your life. You shouldn’t have to wait for what you want.

9. Take everything personally. What are other people thinking about you; right now?

10. Aim higher than everyone else and don’t settle for less.

11. Spend yourself happy.

12. Focus on the past – or the future. Stay busy. Remember that the more you worry about something, the less likely it is to happen.



1 thought on “Living Unhappily

  1. I see you have a sarcastic streak, Emma! Perhaps you should be more like me?

    There are some very good points here, though, Emma. I can spot two or three which I find I fall into quite regularly. This list could also be entitled: “The World’s Way.” Thank God that He sent Jesus to redeem us from the ways of the world!

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