Remembering Joy

little-thingsSome days you have to fight for joy.  Here’s some things that help:

– the psalms: people crying out to God with the full range of human emotion.  Lost a loved one?  Lonely? Angry with God? Confused?  Despairing?  Full of guilt? Thankful? Overwhelmed?  Whatever you’re experiencing; it’s here.  No edits and no air-brushing; just those who have walked this path before us and are taking it to God.

– praying for others. When I bring loved ones before the Lord, it changes my focus and takes me out of myself.

– forget what is behind: all of us have regrets – but Jesus died so they no longer rule us.  However big or small, the death of God’s son means that everything is paid for: and every day is a new start

– reach to what is ahead: remember what our hope is in.  It’s not X returning my call, it’s not the new car, it’s not the validation of friends, it’s not my health.  It’s in the unshakable hope of the gospel: and nothing today or this week can shake it.

– talk back to your feelings.  They do not define you. It’s okay to feel sad or shaken or frightened: but it’s not who I am.

– surround yourself with people who are joyful.  Don’t gossip or compare yourself to others – and focus on the gifts that God has given you: from a cup of tea, to a smile from a stranger.  Take time to thank Him and ask Him to open your eyes to more of His beauty.

– remember that joy is not the same as putting on a happy face or feeling ‘up’.  It’s a deep sense of peace and thankfulness: and it’s something He can teach us all, whatever our temperament.

2 thoughts on “Remembering Joy

  1. Praying for others is a great one. I whole heartedly am with you on that.

    But you’ve forgotten the retail therapy. Shop for random presents for other people too – a combination of retail therapy and a focus on others – that’s got to be a winner. (I jest, though my bank balance would suggest otherwise.)

  2. Couldn’t agree more (she says, smuggling in more shopping bags. ‘This old thing? Honey I’ve had it for YEARS ;-))

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