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Superman on couchWe tend to get comfy with the people we love.  Like furniture,  the longer we have them, the more we relax in their company. Sometimes they get the dregs of us; what remains when you subtract the office/children/grumpy customers/traffic jam/puking dog.  Sometimes we take them for granted.  And sometimes, we forget who they are – and what they mean to us.

So, for today’s blog, I’ve decided to interview my husband.  And if he wants to, he gets to interview me back. Quid pro quo Clarice. Here we go;

1. You’re an evangelist.  This means you travel round the country and eat lots of pizza, (despite me packing apples). But what does the job title actually mean?  Between the hours of 9-6, what do you DO?

The title means “teller of good news” (the evangel is the good news). I split my time between preaching about Jesus, training Christians in how to speak to non-Christians and producing resources to help Christians reach out.

2. I know you’re not a fan, but if you were a Disney film or character, who would you be? Please explain.

I’ve seen maybe 3 Disney films in my life. I don’t think I finished any of them. (Cop-out. Ed)

3. What do you miss most about n0t being married? And what’s the best bit?

This is a trick question. The best thing about being married is I don’t have to worry about messing up trick questions from girls.

4. What is God teaching you right now?

That fruitfulness really does flow out of abiding in Christ.

5. For a large part of our marriage, I was seriously unwell with anorexia.  What advice would you give to those caring for loved ones in the grip of similar addictions?

This takes a while to learn but you have to realise that giving an addict what they want/crave/demand will kill them. Ordinarily we think that love means giving the person what they want. With an addict such “love” is murder.

Addictions drag you down from below, the key is to know an even bigger gift from above. In Jesus you have to learn to resist the drag (which feels very cruel). You have to receive from above and then positively move down into the addiction in a way that feels completely opposite to the dynamics that have been feeding it. In a nutshell: you mustn’t get pulled down but you must get filled up so you can pour out.

6. How has your view of what it means to be a man changed over the last ten years?

In a million ways. Even to the point where I think I might be one. Staggering.

7. If you could tell us one thing about Jesus, what would it be?

He is for us. Even more than we are for ourselves.

8. What are you scared of?

Giving my best and it’s not good enough. (So usually I don’t give my best).

9. How do you feel about fruit in curries?

Please tell me you haven’t made your Kiwi Korma again

10. What do you want me to ask you?

Ask me more about 1. But thank you for continually asking me 4. That’s the important one.

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  1. I love this post. Bizarrely, the answer to number 10 made me fill up…. God bless you two.xx

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