Ask Me Why

joyWe follow a suffering Saviour, which means that we too, must carry our cross. But in the midst of the hardship and the endurance, there is a deep, deep joy.  And I forget this.

Ask me why I’m stressed.  Ask me why I’m struggling.  Ask me what I’m missing, what’s gone wrong, what I need. I’ll tell you, even if you don’t.

But ask me why I have hope; and the words often dry up.

So I ask myself.  Who is Jesus?

The singer’s true love, the writer’s happy ending, the beginning,the middle and the love that never ends.

The Disney prince, the Holywood lover, the fairytale brother, the advertiser’s promise – given for free.

The hole and the whole; the journey and the rest.

Not just the bridge that takes me somewhere good.  The destination. The point.  The whole universe.


Knowing Jesus doesn’t mean I  work harder to be nicer.  It doesn’t mean I’ve got a new group of friends.It’s not a place to go on Sundays or a bun sale or a collection of soothing affirmations. It’s LIFE. Life to the full. Life that nothing else can touch.

I’m filled with the Spirit of God Himself.  I have a Heavenly Dad who has counted the hairs on my head.  I have a Brother who died for me: that’s how much I’m loved.

I can know a peace that’s not dependent on my circumstances.  I have a heavenly mansion that blows the Kardashian’s penthouse out of the water. I’m already a miracle: planned, purposeful and protected.

I’ve been lost – but now I’m found.

I was hungry – but finally, I’m starting to be filled.

I was angry, despairing, frightened, broken and weak.  I’m still those things, but now I have hope.

I have many reasons to feel ashamed: but none of these can be counted against me. I’ve done a lot of terrible things: but if you look for them, they’re no longer there.

I was separated from God, but now I’m part of His Family.  He is in me and I am in Him. Nothing can come between us. Nothing can undo His love.

I strove for years to make myself acceptable but could never find rest.  Now, I can do nothing: but I’m perfect in Him.


Ask me why I love Jesus.

Because He is beautiful.  Because He loved me first.  Because how can I not?



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