Why I Am A Christian

identity print1. Because Jesus is Lord.

2. Without Him, nothing in my life makes sense.

3. He loved me before I loved Him.

4. He sees me as I am and He doesn’t run away.

5. He forgives me and He’s working redemption through even my mistakes.

6. He tells it like it is.

7. Because I have a bond with my brothers and sisters that defies explanation.

8. Because I see Him at work in other Christians and He changes lives that nothing and no-one else can reach.

9. Because no-one is more beautiful, compelling, powerful, uncontainable and more loving than Him.

10. A million prayer “coincidences.”

11. Because He’s a God who serves and I can’t explain this.

12. Because I’m a sinner and I can’t change myself.

13. Because Scripture speaks to people like me about people like me.

14. Because there’s room for reason and for mystery.

15. Because the Bible describes me and my world.

16.  Because Jesus keeps hold of me and loves me, even when I let go of Him.

17. Because it’s not about what I do or what I’ve done.

18. Because it is Finished.

19. Because He’s powerful and He’s personal too.

20. Because He welcomes anyone who comes to Him.


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4 thoughts on “Why I Am A Christian

  1. I’ve recovered and I hate it. I want to go back but however hard I try I don’t seem to be able to get thin again.

  2. Hi PWP, well done for standing up to the disorder! It takes huge courage and I’m afraid there’s no way you can do it without it feeling unnatural and frightening. I know this might be hard to hear but the fact this feels horrible to begin with is a sure sign you’re on the right track. We both know that ‘thinness’ is no kind of answer. You wouldn’t be happier or healthier thinner – that’s a lie of the enemy. Keep going sister – it won’t feel like this forever.

  3. I really am happy that I came to your blog! I have been really sad lately, I feel lonely within myself, reading your post has brought a hope in me that I can become a Christian and overcome this misery inside me. Thank you

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