Thank You.

Woman typing on computer keyboardYesterday I had the privilege of winning ‘Blogger of the year’ at the Christian New Media Awards. It’s a shocker and a real honour and I’m dealing with it in my usual gracious manner, (so far a messy combination of denial, painting the cupboards green at 4,30 am this morning and then having a little weep in Sainsburys).

Awards are funny things (see this post) and I know, as you do, that there are hundreds of blogs out there that could and should get the same title. But knowing this, I am massively, overwhelmingly grateful – to the organisers, the lovely folks who nominated me and most of all, to you, – for reading,engaging and reminding me that it’s okay if we’re losers at life; in fact, that’s what the kingdom is all about.

I started blogging because Glen nagged me – and because I needed a new way to live. After years of writing my feelings on my body, I ran out of lines.  Recovering from anorexia, I didn’t know who I was or what I felt. But when I wrote, the blackness of it lightened. A person took shape in the sentences. Not an anorexic.  But not a “survivor” or a “victor” either.  Someone who was the opposite of what I wanted to be. The opposite of what I believed a Christian looked like.  Someone selfish and frightened and weak and ashamed; but finally, real. And not alone.

When I whispered my fears into the silence, something amazing happened.  The darkness echoed. People I’d never spoken to wrote back. They shared their lives with me, and their faith. They reminded me of the truth; that the gospel is for everyone. That it was true – for me, too.

We follow an incarnate Saviour; so it’s not surprising that real life – and church – happens in person. But real people read blogs. And though it can’t supplant them, social media can foster real faith and real relationships. When I was too scared to leave the house and too ashamed to meet the eyes of others, I connected online. Gradually, I was wooed back into actual contact; but those friendships have remained – and blogging was a big part of it.

Real people make real relationships through blogs. Real discipleship happens as we share Jesus, whether it’s through flannel-graph or Facebook. As I write, my prayer is that I’ll be able to share more of Jesus.  But the person who my blogging has changed most is me. Communicating Christ is a priceless spiritual discipline and a joy. So thank you Lord, for giving me this opportunity.  And thank you so much, for reading.

21 thoughts on “Thank You.

  1. so proud of you :) I love this – “When I whispered my fears into the silence, something amazing happened. The darkness echoed. People I’d never spoken to wrote back. They shared their lives with me, and their faith. They reminded me of the truth; that the gospel is for everyone. That it was true – for me, too.” – such power in community xxx

  2. Emma, you have an unbelievable God-given gift with words. You articulate thoughts in a clear yet poetic way. Very very much deserved….

  3. your blog is amazing! always telling my friends and family about it and it has made such a difference, so real and so truth filled, thank you :)

  4. I’m just delighted for you! So, so pleased.
    And – I can totally relate with writing as a necessity, and then being surprised by community that comes with it as an extra gift. I am thankful for you and your blog, and that you got this award. And thankful for God from whom all blessings flow. Go celebrate!!! Yay!

  5. Well done Emma! I have really loved your blog because you remind me that it is ok not to be someone else’s idea of perfect. Keep writing! Maybe you didn’t feel that you ‘deserved’ to win, but Jesus blessed you with a treat anyway :-)

  6. Emma, you’re a blessing for us. You deserve this and many congratulations!
    What a year it’s been for you and Glen!

  7. Oh, even that one nearly made me cry… the darkness echoed. I was one of the strangers who wrote back. Thank you for being there to write back to!

  8. Well deserved Emma. You and your blog are amazing. Thank you for sharing the story of all it’s meant to you and what God has done in you through it. It’s very encouraging.

  9. Your blog is an inspiration to many. Not being afraid to admit to weakness requires huge courage in our society! Well done and keep going

  10. Hi Emma,
    Congratualtions about the blogger award. Also just wanted you to know that I read your blog almost daily, and nealry as often it brings tears to my eyes. In a good way, not a bad way. I find what you write to be so honest, real and gospel centred. Thank you.

  11. Congratulations Emma. Your blog has been a real ministry to me. I’m glad my wife found you!

  12. Congratulations, Emma! Very well deserved. Your blog is a blessing and solace and makes me chuckle. Thank you for helping me find Christ in the mess and in the day-to-day.

  13. Congratulations Emma, I think your writing is awesome, you love words and they seem to love you too, and I hope the award was given at least in part to recognise your literary achievement.

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