Stocking Fillers

old spiceRight.  Forget the Tiffany diamonds, the motion-sensor watches and the Transformer’s Chomp and Stomp Grimlock (google it).  Here’s what I’d actually like in my stocking;

a godliness app to make me do my quiet times, explain the hard bits, and make jokes when I’m stuck in 2 Chronicles

a humour app for when the cats chew through the phone cables,  untangling tree lights, burnt turkey and translating Glen’s puns, (or – even better, writing new ones for him)

a fridge app to conjure delicious meals from what’s actually in my cupboards.  Note to Jamie – this is Not pesto, parmesan, foraged mushrooms and olives. It’s mouldy cheese, a half-empty jar of peanut butter, last week’s garlic bread and that green thing that’s growing)

mum app to remind me to floss and phone home

common sense app to warn me off wiping eyes when chopping onions, googling childbirth,cooking with corned beef  and getting a tattoo (bad with needles)

Beyonce app to make me fabulous

shut up app to remind me not to congratulate Y on breaking up with her slimy boyfriend (they’re back together)

gotobed app for when I’m watching Made in Chelsea

name app that reminds me what that nice bloke in Sainsburys is called, (and where I know him from)

argument app that will settle them once and for all

punch app for when folks tell me Irish jokes

beam me up app for when my skirt falls down in the Starbucks queue, (three days ago.  Didn’t notice till guy behind me pointed it out – five minutes later).


what have I missed?






2 thoughts on “Stocking Fillers

  1. How about a patience one-touch-boost app? Or a whole fruits-of-the-spirit top-up app? And one for when the kids are old enough to get lost in a playground while you’re chatting to your friends, a Harry Potter-esque Marauders mApp (one for Glen)

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