Go Your Own Way (As Long as it’s Ours)

worshipIt’s nonsense to say that Christianity is religious and the world is not.

The world is filled with religion.  And this religion is far more judgemental, far more legalistic, far more moral and far more exclusive than the gospel. This religion tells you that:

your body is salvation

your happiness is paramount

your choices are truth

your hope is yourself.

In this religion, independence is salvation. ‘Think different’ – but only to a point.

Christians, after all, are shockingly intolerant.

But step outside the world’s view of beauty or value or success – and you’ll find yourself




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Many think that it’s Christians who are concerned with spreading their message.   Pushing their beliefs down other people’s throats. Evangelising.  Telling others how to live.

But it’s the world that preaches. It threatens and cajoles, pleads, screams and weeps. It’s on everything from skyscraper sized banners to the tick on your trainers. Before you’ve left the house it blares from your TV, your phone, your cereal box. Don’t be like THEM. Be the kind of person who wears x.  Be the sort of person who likes y.

Whispers in the letterboxes and shouts in the malls. Promises and curses – on the bus and in the playground, on the beach and at the zoo.   It’s our perfume, our pet-food, our kitchen units, our socks.  Choose me.  Choose right. This is what you matters.  This is what you need.  

This is the way, says the world. Now walk in it.

Be yourself (use our patented methods).

Be different (like us).

Be free (we’ll tell you how).

Be spectacular (because you’re not).

Be authentic (providing it’s permissible weaknesses).

Be relevant (consult us hourly for the new trends).

Be confident (by never dropping your mask).

Be the best (or die trying).

The world is lying when it claims to liberate us. The Bible tells the truth: “For freedom Christ has set us free.” (Galatians 5:1)




8 thoughts on “Go Your Own Way (As Long as it’s Ours)

  1. Great post- it is so easy to absorb these messages from the world around us without even realising. It’s interesting that they sound like they offer freedom but really you are accepted for yourself only to a certain point, while when we find true freedom in Jesus, people see that as narrow-minded.

  2. Excellent points.
    Be not conformed to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…

    Spent too much time listening to worldly voices “preaching” no cure for Borderlines, no true healing for Narcissistic Personality Disorder; just leave. After a while I begin to believe it.

    Turn off the noise. Cling to what is true. Remember the Light, even here in the dark passages.

  3. I really appreciate your perspective on this (and other things). Over the course of the past year, someone dear to me has fallen prey to the “salvation” offered by the world. It’s so hard to see the complete about-face unfold, and I am ever reminded that only God can change her heart, only He can remind her of the truths that she was once so familiar with. Thank you for writing this.

  4. Thanks Suzanne – what a painful situation: but you’re right, God can change her heart. And He loves her even more than you do. (This really helps me when I’m worrying about unsaved loved ones)

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