pooh1. sometimes you’ll feel angry or sad or overwhelmed or unsafe or crazy.  These feelings are not the truth. They are feelings and they will pass.

2. your circumstances will change. Suffering has a ‘used by’ date. Only Jesus’ future is forever. There is hope. You will feel better.

3. when everyday tasks feel overwhelming, breathe and remind yourself to go a step at a time.  Try to keep to routines; but don’t beat yourself up when you can’t.

4. you may feel alone and like no-one else can understand.  That’s part of this struggle; and it’s not the truth.  Other people have walked this path before you.  Most importantly, Jesus has.  He has come through and He will lead you through too.

5. you are not alone. You can – must – let a few people in; and they will help. They can’t rescue you, but they can walk with you. They are not trying to control you or harm you.

6. you might have been harmed in the past: and if so, I’m sorry.  But not everyone is like this.

7. you don’t need to know who you are to have an identity.  You don’t need to know where you’re going to have a future.  Jesus knows these things and He will lead.

8. you are not what’s been done to you or what you have done.  When Jesus died, those things died.  You are raised with Him to hope and healing and wholeness.

9. you are not in control. You never will be.  You’re not meant to be. This means you can rest. You are safe in His care.

10.  you have needs.

11. You are human and have struggles. You might express them in unusual ways, but you’re no different to everyone else – not weaker and not stronger either.

12. you can’t do life by yourself.  No-one can.

13. you are ready for recovery.




6 thoughts on “Stuck?

  1. “you are ready for recovery”. Finishing treatment in the next week and FREAKING OUT. Not feeling good. But this was a little whisper I heard tonight – thanks lovely. Speak soon..x

  2. Such wise advice here. I’ve been in a place where I felt completely stuck and that I could never get out of it, but gradually God was at work changing that- nothing is impossible with him. These points cover a lot of the things that helped me too .

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