A Prayer for Monday

good morn bluesDear God

It’s the start of a new week. And I don’t know how to do it.

I feel scattered; pushed and pulled in many different directions. I take my eyes off you and suddenly, I’m stuck.

I’m frightened

by the decisions that need to be made; and ones that are out of my hands.

by the things I can’t see.  And the demands I can’t meet.

I’m overwhelmed

By lists and by longings.

By pain and by pride.

It’s dark in here.

I build walls to keep myself safe.  But they shut out the light.

Help me Lord

I’m tired. I want to rest in you.   But I’m busy.  And I don’t know how to be still.

I want to step out in your strength.  But I don’t have any courage.   I don’t know if I can.

Unless you help me. Unless you lift me up.

You are a God of compassion.  A God who comes for the weak. That’s me, Lord. That’s me.

Give me more of yourself.




4 thoughts on “A Prayer for Monday

  1. Honest prayers are the best. I was in the bath the other day and just found myself praying ‘Thank you… thank you.. thank you…’ over and over again.

    Praying on for you, lovely Emma x

  2. Suffering from a chronic neurological illness, I understand this prayer. I sometimes don’t have words to describe how I feel. God knows. I have found a lot of my troubles I place on myself with expectations and the ‘I should’ statement. God did not impose these expectations on me, I did. If I have a day or week where I say I should, it is an awful experience. I can’t, my body won’t let me. I have to let God renew my mind and practice Faith and trust.

  3. Thanks Amelia. I know exactly what you mean about those cursed ‘I shoulds.’When we listen to them, it’s an awful week. If God renews us, there’s hope, even when it’s hard.

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