Ten Ways I’m Like Donald Trump

pointing-fingersI dislike everything he stands for and I’d happily campaign against him. But instead of just condemning his policies or his words; I find myself condemning him. And enjoying it.

He makes me feel shocked. But I like being shocked. I want to see more. I want to reinforce how much better I am than he is.  How much more educated.  Smarter.  Kinder. Better.

I’m better than he is, I think.  I would never speak his words; or do what he does.

And yet.

  1. He’s a product of celebrity culture.
  2. He never lets his ignorance stop him wading into an issue.
  3. He treats women like they’re objects. (An eating disorder does exactly the same thing).
  4. He wants to build a wall to keep people out.
  5. He’s always quoting the polls. (I wonder how many Facebook likes this post will get?)
  6. He has been proud of things he should have been ashamed of.
  7. When he gets caught he then becomes “ashamed” (but it didn’t bother him before).
  8. He puts people down to lift himself up.
  9. He thinks he should be the most important person in the world.
  10. He has bad hair.

3 thoughts on “Ten Ways I’m Like Donald Trump

  1. And I would add to his list… I mean my list: He’s a liar and a total narcissist!! … I mean I am…

    Okay, so Trump and Hilary are in a boat together and it begins to sink. Who gets saved?
    Answer: America

  2. Great post, Emma. As an (ahem) American, it is really really really difficult to think of Donald Trump as a human being. But when you come up with a list like the one you did, it starts putting things into perspective a bit more. Though, I, like you, still can’t stomach his policies, words, etc. #10… Ha! Same here. :)

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