Bodies that Heal

Recently I wrote on self harm, for the Desiring God website.

As contradictory as it might sound, for the self-harmer, self-harm is self-help. So if we’re going to overcome self-harm, we need to embrace the help that God has given us elsewhere — help that does not scar us any further, but slowly begins to heal us.

There’s no quick or easy solution.  But for those who are struggling, there are three kinds of body that can bring about change…the crucified body that saves, the spiritual body that heals and the physical body that’s redeemed.

Read the whole thing here.

3 thoughts on “Bodies that Heal

  1. I love this, Emma. There’s so much encouragement here. Thank you for being so brave to be vulnerable. It makes others who struggle feel less alone. God bless you and keep you!

  2. Emma this a beautiful article about a very ugly thing. Thank you for entering into the dark places.
    Desiring God is one of my favorite sites. How happy it makes me to see you sharing truth there! xoxo

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