The One Who Is Grace — God the Son

In the last post we thought about how God is not primarily a law-giver or an abstract ideal of goodness. He’s an eternal Father. We know this because Jesus — in all His grace — reveals Him to us.

Here’s how:

He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. (1 John 4:9)

Loving Fathers give their children gifts. But the gift of Jesus is unlike any other. He’s given to us in flesh at Christmas; and we reject him. He’s given again to us at Easter. And we reject Him again. At this point the Father should turn His face from us.  But instead, He turns His face from His Son.

Love is God poured out in flesh and in blood — to rescue and redeem us.  We see the true majesty of God, not when He’s hurling thunderbolts but when He’s stretched out, bloody and helpless, on a cross. Love moves towards us, spreading his arms wide to those who spit in His face and praying ‘Father, forgive.’ Those watching shout at Him to ‘come down and save yourself.’ He has the power to do so.  But for love He stays put. And saves us instead.

This God, our God, is unlike any other. He serves and He sacrifices. He is love  and He shows it through the gift of the Son. So if God the Father is love, then God the Son is grace. He is the Gift of God (see John 3:16). He is Kindness made flesh (see Titus 3:4). He is Mercy (see 1 Peter 2:10).

Just as Paul links love to the Father, he links grace to the Son (see 2 Corinthians 13:14). That’s why the first thing we should think of when we think of Jesus is grace (and vice versa). We cannot truly know Jesus without knowing him as heaven’s gift — the One who is given to us for life, for free, forever.

Who is God? Love

How do I know? I look at His Son.

What is He like? An extravagant gift – poured out for us. Overflowing with limitless grace.

In the next post we’ll ask the question, How can I experience all this? There we’ll encounter the Person of the Spirit. But for now, let’s enjoy the Son!

What a Saviour; and what a Lord.  We couldn’t make Him up. We wouldn’t make Him up. But He’s exactly what we need. This Son is the only One beautiful enough, worthy enough and loving enough to hold the weight of all our pain, all our need, all our longings and all our hungers. Whatever we face, however we are struggling: He is more.


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