We Have A Lamb

by Glen

A song based on Revelation 7:17, my favourite verse of the Bible. Please watch, share, and feel free to use in your church services / streams. Go here for more resources, including sheet music and video file.

For mistakes we can’t forget
and the sins that still beset…
We have a Lamb.

For our fraught and anxious realm,
for the fears that overwhelm…
We have a throne.

We sing worthy, worthy is the Lamb
Who was slain for the world — Royal arms unfurled.
We sing glory, glory to the Christ:
Your cross — our Fountain of Life.

For our lost and lonely hearts,
for our gnarled and tangled paths…
We have a Shepherd.

For our dry and listless souls
and our thirst for being whole…
We have a Stream.

We sing worthy, worthy is the Lamb…

For regret and ravaged years,
for all sweet and bitter tears…
We have a Father.

For our treks through burning sands,
To our home in promised lands,
This hope till all is done:
Our God the three-in-one.

We sing worthy, worthy is the Lamb

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