The Good Shepherd (and the summer)

I’m leading the Daily Service, speaking on The Good Shepherd

Hi folks: sorry it’s been so quiet on the blog front. With home school etc and virtual church I’m taking summer off… but normal service will resume after that!

For those who are interested I’m leading the Daily Service on Radio 4. It’s going live on Wednesday and as ever, I’d love your prayers. It’s based on a favourite passage: ‘I am the Good Shepherd’. Thank you!!

1 thought on “The Good Shepherd (and the summer)

  1. Missed your posts, admittedly! Hehehe. But also unds the crazy of such COVID-ious times – it’s already tough enough teaching other people’s, non-kindergarten, kids from home – ?

    … homeschooling your own kiddo has gotta be tough :-/ But you’ve got this! (& even if you don’t, that’s okay- keep calm/try, & drink tea hehe)

    Looking forward to regular programming once again xx hugs!

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