Thumb Wars, What Are They Good For?

If you can’t watch the video in your reader: link to Youtube video here.

My 4Thought still hasn’t aired, but it is the most disliked video we can find on the site! Still, I think you’ll agree I’m taking it well…


22 thoughts on “Thumb Wars, What Are They Good For?

  1. Hi Emma, just watched the 4thought video – its great! I am so sorry that you are attracting so many dislikes but I guess that happens as Christians stand up and start talking about Jesus.
    Be encouraged – I think you did a great job.

  2. We are inclined to hate Jesus and anything that points to Him… So good work, I say:) love it

  3. I’m pretty sure it’s a good sign that it’s so unliked – it’s a brilliant piece and the gospel is spoken really clearly, so of course it’s an offence!
    You’re building for an amazing reward.

    However, that doesn’t make it easy, so chin up sweetie!

  4. ‘Most disliked video’ – is this some sort of joke? It seriously does’t make any sense. I can only imagine that the fact that you spoke about Jesus as a real person, rather than an imaginary friend touched a few moronic nerves…

  5. Take it as a compliment. If everybody likes you, you’re probably lying. Anyway, I liked you and so did Chris and we don’t like much…

  6. Is it also one of the most liked videos though? I haven’t looked at all the others, but you’ve got over 500 likes! I can’t imagine what’s not to like personally… Hooray for the wedding feast with Jesus :)

  7. Wow, it is just fascinating to look at the ‘thumb wars’ on all of them. No one else has thumbs in either direction in 3 digit numbers. I think the next highest in terms of number of reactions of any kind is the Franciscan guy who is also giving a Christian perspective, albeit very different, though he’s still way behind you. ALL the contributers except the road kill guy have more dislikes than they have likes. Haven’t listened to roadkill guy the whole way through but I presume he’s coming from a humanist type ethical perspective. Not much disliked but not getting much reaction!

  8. hehehe, above video most entertaining.

    You got more likes than the other videos too!!! But my sympathies on all the dislikes… I don’t think that would make me very happy either… <3

  9. You guys are too cute!

    Cool video. And Emma – no idea, genuinely, why your 4Thought vid was disliked. Touched a nerve, perhaps?

    I liked it. And I am cool.

    Much love.

  10. Great humour, you two!

    Thumb wars are a bit teenagery. Even so, the amount of negativity to your 4thought is astonishing… but then the Gospel teaches us to expect this.

    Keep up the good work, Emma!

    Graham (Eastbourne)

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