I Got No Answers, But I’m Here

1 depressionRight then.

Come sit down.  And instead of dancing round it, let’s actually talk.

I know you’re scared. Part of you wants this; and part of you wants to run. Please – stay.  Just hear me out.

I don’t want to hurt you, or threaten you or take away your freedom.  I’m talking to you now because I love you and this is the best I know how.

I can’t rescue you or make it better. I can’t fight the battle – but I can hold up your arms.

If you want to, we can do it together.  If you don’t, can we talk? I see you’re in pain and this somehow helps.  Tell me how.  Tell me why. I’ll listen.  I may not agree – but I’ll try to understand.

I know you say it’s fine, but we both know that’s not true.

I know you say it’s hopeless, but the hope is not in you.

You are not on your own. Please – tell me, so I can learn how to help.








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