How To Win An Argument

boxerAlong with being anxious, I’ve got a gift for being defensive.   You should try it. With a bit of practice, it’s remarkably easy to take everything personally. And if you’re really focused, you can jump to the worst conclusions in a matter of seconds. Here’s some things that help:

1.  Come out with all your guns blazing.  Do not listen.  Do not allow for explanations.  Think of every time this person has slighted you in the past. If you can’t think of any, then remember, they’re probably silent assassins. This should make you really…

2. Angry.  Anger is your friend.  It gives you energy.  This means you can keep shouting, long after everyone else has stopped.  If you feel it waning, stoke it. Kick something inanimate, then focus on the pain.

3. Say ‘don’t take this personally’.  Now, be personal. Think about what you most dislike in the other person and then tell them.  Suggest ways they can change and give examples from your own life. 

4. Expect to get everything you want. Don’t settle for less.

5. Hit ’em with a one-liner:

  • That begs the question.
  • That is beside the point.
  • You’re being defensive
  • You’re being an idiot
  • Are you stupid?


6. Laugh and roll your eyes

7. Correct their grammar

8. Claim to have God on your side.

9. Tell them you’ve won. Repeat.



5 thoughts on “How To Win An Argument

  1. Ouch. You’re describing the dynamics of my family of origin. Praise God that he’s the God of redemption and rejuvenation. Praise God that, through Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit, we can be changed. I’m so glad I’m not the person I used to be.

  2. This is me in my worst moments. And it tends to happen the more I care about the person and what they think of me. Because, for me at least, my anger and defensiveness issues rest on my desire to be justified before others. My tendency is to make positive opinions that which saves me. Thank God that we can see our faults and hate them and not the people who reveal them to us. We are people who believe we are sinners saved by grace, right?

  3. I think it’s all of us in our worst moments!
    Good point Ash: it’s ironic that in trying to justify ourselves (and impress others) we alienate them instead.Saved by grace all the way.

  4. I just had this argument last night!
    Here is another great line (used against me in this case): “I thought you knew me better than this. I am so offended you think I would do that.” Never mind that he really did do it. The REAL offense is that I thought he would!
    I had my grammar challenged and my age thrown in my face and was. Tons of fun.
    Only good thing is that it was my nephew and not my husband this time. Whew!

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