Podcast: on eating disorders and being messy

So this here’s the interview I did with Premier Gospel.  The girl on the left (below) is the lovely Lucy and the programme is called ‘Awkward’. (I think that’s why she’s pulling a face, but it might be my accent).

Thanks again for all your prayers.


3 thoughts on “Podcast: on eating disorders and being messy

  1. Ooo so glad you posted this!
    Sam and I spent from 5-6.36pm on Sunday listening to the wrong Premier radio station, but we did manage to catch your last 7-9 minutes though ;)

    About to listen. Eeee Excited! X

  2. Thanks Dani – all my fault for not explaining it was Premier Gospel, (which I now know is different).

  3. Aww Emma, not your fault. You actually did mention it in your Going Live post (which we later discovered) so it was our fault but glad it was recorded.
    It was really really good (besides the music drowning you at the beginning, haha!). You spoke really clear, concise, informative and just plain honest. Love that wee accent. Well done!

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