Question Time

questions-ask-job-searchThree big questions. Sorry to spring ’em on you like this; but otherwise you might run.

1. What makes you worthwhile?

Now, you’re not on a date with someone you want to impress and this is not a job interview.   I want your gut answer.  The one that roars in your ears before your brain can override it. Complete the sentence: “If only I do or have [BLANK] I’ll be ok,”

Next question,

2.What sets you apart from others?

How do you seek to be special, to be a cut above? What makes you different from others – in a good way? Finish the sentence: “I know I’m rubbish but, unlike others, at least I am / have [BLANK]… ”

Final question,

3. What would make you free?

What’s your dream? When will you finally be able to breathe easy?  Finish the sentence: “I’ll finally be able to really live when I…?

Look at your answers.

Now-  listen to this:

You are in Christ Jesus… who IS our righteousness, our holiness and our redemption. (1 Cor. 1:30)

1. RIGHTEOUSNESS: It’s the same word as “justification.” This is what justifies your existence. This is what tells you, God and the world that you’re worthwhile.  You are righteous.

And your righteousness is out of your hands.

2. HOLINESS: This is what sets you apart in God’s eyes. This is what  makes you different in the world. You are dazzlingly, spectacularly special: because you are are holy.

And your holiness is out of your hands.

3.REDEMPTION: The word means “the freedom bought by a costly ransom payment.” This is the sound of your chains breaking. This is being set free from everything that dominates and tramples you. Because of redemption you are brought out of slavery into a place of hope and freedom.

And your redemption is out of your hands.

It’s in Christ’s hands.  And so are you:




Newly freed prisoners of war returning from Vietnam
American POWs on a flight home from Vietnam

4 thoughts on “Question Time

  1. Oh Jesus, please help! I’ve been staring at this post for 15 minutes. As soon as I started reading, the tears began to flow. Yup, Emma sprung those questions all right. How could she know the battle I’ve been in the last several days, and regularly, for the last many years? The battle between my FEELINGS and your reality. The battle where the evidence given by the world and all too often, by Christian friends and family, is that I’m not worthwhile, not set apart by anything other than my wretchedness and hard-marking critical spirit. That I really don’t have anything to offer to them, even when I do try to offer You. Deep down, I know all that is a lie from the enemy of my soul, wrapping a grain of truth in his whole lie: yes, I’m a wretch (and a pretty darn mean, critical person sometimes). But instead of trying to bear the weight of that myself (believing the enemy’s lie that I can either fix it myself or punish myself with self-loathing, leading to despair), please, once again, help me to believe that my righteousness, holiness, and redemption is completely out of my hands and is securely in Yours! Please help all of us readers here, who think otherwise, especially when contrary feelings muck with our desire for You. Thank you for irrevocably holding us in Your Hands, and for Emma, who told us that truth today! Amen

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