Bad Day

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33 Christians have been sentenced to death in North Korea.

Starbucks have messed up your order again

The believers are thought to have been working alongside Kim Jeong-Wook, a South Korean missionary who was arrested in October 2013 and was also said to be carrying Bibles and other Christian literature.

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Violent attacks by militants  from the Islamist group Boko Haram continue unabated in Northern Nigeria.

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On one day of violence at least 138  people were killed.

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A church in Wada Chakawa village in Adamawa state was targeted; the attackers locked the congregation inside and then detonated bombs, shooting and cutting the throats of people who tried to escape.

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They then went on a four-hour rampage in the village. Later the same day, Kawuri village in neighbouring Borno state was burned to the ground.

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In February, a Syrian Christian family living in Alexandria were stabbed to death at their home; a 30-year-old Christian woman was killed and a teenager injured in a knife attack on a Christian community in Kom Ombo; a 25-year-old Christian was kidnapped at gunpoint on his way home from Minya City; and four Christian tourists from Korea were killed and 14 injured in a suicide bombing on a bus.

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Two churches in Stone Town, Zanzibar, Tanzania, were targeted in bombings on consecutive days in February. Explosives were detonated at the main entrance of the historic Christ Church Anglican Cathedral on the 24th. The blast caused damage to a wall and parked vehicles, but nobody was injured

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Some Christians were able to escape the Old City in Homs in the evacuations that began in late January. The area, which was cut off for almost two years, was once home to 60,000 Christians, but only a few dozen of the most vulnerable remained, and these believers were persecuted and starving.

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A church leader in India was  brutally stabbed to death by four men who pretended they wanted to pray with him. The Rev. Sanjeevulu, who had previously been threatened by Hindu extremist groups, died on 13 January after being attacked two days earlier. After luring the pastor out of his home in Vikarabad, Andhra Pradesh, the unknown men stabbed him and beat him with sticks and clubs. His wife was also stabbed, but survived the attack.

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Seven Egyptian Christians have been rounded up by suspected Islamist militants in Libya, taken away at gunpoint and shot dead.
Their bodies were found, with their hands tied, on a beach on the outskirts of Benghazi on 24 February. The night before, a group of masked men had raided the building where they lived, going door to door identifying the Christians. They also spray-painted messages on buildings offering a reward for anyone who turned a Christian over to them.

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Christians in the Central African Republic (CAR) who have been driven from their homes by the violence that has engulfed their country. Attacks by Islamist Séléka militants and retaliation from “anti-balaka” militias has generated a huge humanitarian crisis in which around two million people, many of them Christians, are in need of emergency assistance.


For more details: see Barnabas.





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  1. The fact that none of the lines in bold are true to me or my situation leaves me wondering why they are even on the same page as the truth relating to the martyrdom of my brothers and sisters.

  2. Please keep posting posts like this. I think I need to print it out and pin it everywhere. Humbled and ashamed. On my knees in prayer. Thank you once again Emma for speaking the truth in love. Xx

  3. I needed this today. Sat in tears, but no longer for myself. My heart is breaking again.

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