Bubble_WrapIt’s ok to feel overwhelmed. But before you listen to lies or reach for old habits, try some of these:

1. pray

2. stop and breathe

3. read the Bible or listen to it read to you

4. scribble on sheets of paper.

5. pray for someone else

6. write a list of things that worry you. Pray them through, then bin them

7. be with other people.

8. watch your favourite TV show.

9. post on web boards or try answering other people’s posts.

10. phone a friend

11. paint your nails

12. go out to see a film.

13. organise bills, receipts, your drawers etc

14. throw socks against the wall

15. take up a new hobby

16. google something fun

17. Call a friend and ask them to come hang out.

18. listen to music or sing

19. send someone a postcard

20. have a bath

21. clean or polish

22. learn how to do something on YouTube

23. water the plants or do some weeding

24. if you’re tempted to self-harm, put plasters where you would normally cut

25. if you want to cut, draw on yourself with washable red marker-then take a shower and wash it away.

26. allow yourself to cry, even if it is hard.

27. sleep, but only if you are tired.

28. do the exact opposite of what you really want to do.

29. stroke a cat.  or dog. or furry cushion.

30. take something apart: a tape, a jumper, a car

31. re-organize your clothes

32. do a jigsaw or a crossword or a sudoku

33. Pick up an instrument, make some music

34. make a list of your favourite films and defend them

35. re-read your favourite book

36. get a free makeover from Boots

37. dye your hair

38. volunteer at church or in a charity shop or animal shelter

39. watch a candle burn,then blow it out.

40. take yourself out for a coffee or herbal tea.

41. track your breathing.

42. call or text an old friend.

43. start a blog

44. donate old clothes to charity

45. go somewhere very public and people-watch

46. bake a cake or make some play-dough.

47. alphabetize your CD’s.

48. chew gum.

49. go for a walk

50. pop bubble-wrap

51. rip paper into really small pieces.

52. give someone a hug.

53. scream as loud as you want

54. talk to yourself, and record it.

55. write your life story

56. count to 100

57. play an alphabet game in your head.

58. go to the library and research your family tree

59. finish something you’ve been putting off

60. write a list of things you’re thankful for


You don’t need to harm yourself. You really don’t.

5 thoughts on “Alternatives

  1. we all slip back – but a little slip is not a landslide and in fact, it’s sometimes like a red light on a dashboard, telling you to pay attention to certain parts of your life, When we do slip, we remember we’re forgiven and that Jesus is the Lord of new beginnings. So instead of condemning ourselves, we stop, thank Him for grace, breathe and then start over. x

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