Warning lights

warningYesterday I wrote about things to do when feeling stressed. Here are the signs I’m in the stress zone:

1. I’m too busy/distracted/tired to pray

2. I talk about the stuff ‘we’ need to do and I’m the only one there

3. I’m eating drinking chocolate

4. I can’t breathe and realise I’ve been holding my breath – for the last hour

5. My eye starts twitching

6. I can’t make decisions

7. My shoulders are up round my ears

8. I make lists but cross nothing off

9. I mutter at strangers

10. Things go missing: keys, purse, bag, brain

11. I’m angry/tearful/disengaged

12. Small children are scared of me

13. My husband says ‘we can talk about this later’ .  And I say NO. WE ARE TALKING NOW.

14. Missing a call from an unknown numbers reduces me to a quivering wreck



5 thoughts on “Warning lights

  1. “3. I’m eating drinking chocolate”. Caught in the very act, while reading this blog post! And yes, it is a favorite “go to” of mine also, when I’m feeling stressed. Thanks for sharing that “warning light.” So, I’ve decided not to eat the whole bar of Lindt 90% Cocoa (I’m a serious chocolate addict!), and am about to go out to the garden to dead-head flowers instead. At least it will give me the opportunity to SEE something dead being removed, so new life–more flowers–can potentially cheer me in future days.

  2. Hahaha

    10 is so true for me …. on the days when I’m most trying to look like I have it together, my keys always go missing!

  3. LOL I can relate to all of this apart from the eating drinking chocolate. Hope you’re ok :) xx

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